3 piece band, from southeastern Wisc.

Anyone who has heard the DAVE STEFFEN BAND play live, understands that their music is more than just notes. With ten albums, and thousands of live appearances under his belt, Dave Steffen has made music a way of life. Dave wanted the best  young players he could find, so Dave hooked up with Craig Neuser on bass, and vocals, who performs one of the best Johnny Cash medleys you'll hear, and rivalling most Cash impersonators, and  Spencer on drums, of the famous Panosh family of drummers. Several of the band's songs have been used on the The Young and the Restless, and they appeared as themselves, in Feb. 2000. In 2016 Dave was elected to the WAMI Hall Of Fame, and is a multiple WAMI Award Winner. Dave performs songs by, Santana, Dire Straits, Van Morrison, CCR, Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, a couple blues songs, variety, Originals, and many more.

 Find A Groove - Dave Steffen
 Lazy Day Sunday Morning - Steffen
 Wisconsin Blues - Steffen
 Wisconsin Blues
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