Solo Artists

* Denotes CD's recorded
BRIAN (B Mac) McLaughlin * ~ Brian performs a variety of Classic Rock/Rock/Country/Classic Hits  from the 60's- 90's, Sinatra to Black eyed Peas. Brian was a 2014 WAMI Nominee.  Bmac brings LED lights, background tracs, and his goal is to leave the floor covered with cups !!
  New York, New York
Suspicious Minds
SCOTT KIRBY *****  ~   Scott performs cover & original songs, while playing an amazing Acoustic guitar !
Ramblin Apple
 Blues Track
  Love Is Just
BRIAN BETHKE ***  ~ Brian performs Acoustic guitar cover & original music. He qualified for  " the Voice" TV Show!
 Show Me the Numbers
 The Kiss
DOUG KROENING ~ Doug is a fun entertainer, and not just a musician - even tho he's a great guitarist. Doug  performs a variety of music, featuring your favorite Classic Rock tunes. If you request a song, he'll play it if he knows it- and sometimes even if he doesn't. 
MARK WAYNE** ~   Mark  performs music on the Steel Guitar,  and sings the vocals with his smooth deep voice !  Mark performs  a wide variety of music for all ages especially Elvis & Cash tunes.


 King of the Road
Ghost Riders In the Sky

PHYL WICKHAM * ~  Phyl has been playing for many years, and as many types of music. Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Folk, and whatever else you may want to hear from this extraordinary musician !

Train Wreck
MICHAEL SAINT ~ Michael has performed all over the world, with bands, and as a solo. He loves to play, have fun, and entertain crowds with Classic Rock,  Variety, and Original Music!
BERNIE THOMPSON *    ~   Bernie performs a wide variety of Classic Rock/Country/Americana Hits , and Original songs on  Acoustic Guitar & Harmonica!
Four Pictures
SCOTT BIXBY  ~ Scott is a 1 man Polka Show, with background effects. He plays accordian, and other instruments - sounding more like a band , than a solo! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon dance.
MARK HEALEY  *   ~   Mark  performs Classic hits by: the Beatles, Bodeans, Hank Williams, Everly Bros., Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, Originals, and of course Badfinger, on  Acoustic guitar, and is also in the band Badfinger!


HOWARD "GUITAR" LUEDTKE * ~  Howard performs Delta Blues, and classic hits - people call him "Guitar" for a reason!
MIKE HOLUBETS     ~  Mike plays a variety of music on Saxophone, with background effects - perfect dinner music!
 Sweet Georgia Brown
IRENE KEENAN JR.* ~ Irene performs a variety of songs, featuring Elvis, Variety, and Originals. She's played all over the world, and is a very talented singer, with powerful vocals.
Kiss Me Goodbye
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