Solo Artists

* Denotes CD's recorded
BRIAN (B Mac) McLaughlin * ~ Brian performs a variety of Classic Rock/Rock/Country/Classic Hits  from the 60's- 90's, Sinatra to Black eyed Peas. Brian was a 2014 WAMI Nominee.  Bmac brings LED lights, background tracs, and his goal is to leave the floor covered with cups !!
  New York, New York
Suspicious Minds
SCOTT KIRBY *****  ~   Scott performs cover & original songs, while playing an amazing Acoustic guitar !
Ramblin Apple
 Blues Track
  Love Is Just
BRIAN BETHKE ***  ~ Brian performs Acoustic guitar cover & original music. He qualified for  " the Voice" TV Show!
 Show Me the Numbers
 The Kiss
DOUG KROENING ~ Doug is a fun entertainer, and not just a musician - even tho he's a great guitarist. Doug  performs a variety of music, featuring your favorite Classic Rock tunes. If you request a song, he'll play it if he knows it- and sometimes even if he doesn't. 
MARK WAYNE** ~   Mark  performs music on the Steel Guitar,  and sings the vocals with his smooth deep voice !  Mark performs  a wide variety of music for all ages especially Elvis & Cash tunes.


 King of the Road
Ghost Riders In the Sky

BRYCE THOMACHEFSKY ~ Bryce is starting his musical career, and he's starting with a bang. Bryce specializes in Country, music, but also performs some classic rock, and a variety of other tunes. Don't let his age fool you, he performs like a veteran musician!

SCOTT BIXBY  ~ Scott is a 1 man Polka Show, with background effects. He plays accordian, and other instruments - sounding more like a band , than a solo! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon dance.
MICHAEL SAINT ~ Michael has performed all over the world, with bands, and as a solo. He loves to play, have fun, and entertain crowds with Classic Rock,  Variety, and Original Music!

PHYL WICKHAM * ~  Phyl has been playing for many years, and as many types of music. Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Folk, and whatever else you may want to hear from this extraordinary musician !

Train Wreck
MARK HEALEY  *   ~   Mark  performs Classic hits by: the Beatles, Bodeans, Hank Williams, Everly Bros., Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, Originals, and of course Badfinger, on  Acoustic guitar, and is also in the band Badfinger!


BERNIE THOMPSON *    ~   Bernie performs a wide variety of Classic Rock/Country/Americana Hits , and Original songs on  Acoustic Guitar & Harmonica!

JUAN ~ Juan has been playing all your favorite music for decades - and he's not that old. Come check him out as he performs Classic Rock, Country, Americana, and a few Original songs. You won't be disappointed !

HOWARD "GUITAR" LUEDTKE * ~  Howard performs Delta Blues, and classic hits - people call him "Guitar" for a reason!
MIKE HOLUBETS     ~  Mike plays a variety of music on Saxophone, with background effects - perfect dinner music!
 Sweet Georgia Brown
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